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Repairing a leaking shower right the first time is important because the last thing you need is for it to leak again as this will cause more subsequent damage.

There are 2 methods for repairing leaking showers. We will assist you in determining what the best method is for your shower depending on the condition of your shower.

The first method is called the ALSS Super Seal. This is where the shower is sealed without tiles removed and comes with an industry first lifetime waranty. The second type of repair is called the ALSS Traditional Method. This is when the tiles need to be removed, the shower re-waterproofed and retiled. This shower repair comes with a 10 year warranty* Now it depends on the condition of your shower that will determine which one of these two methods suites your situation.

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The Main Reasons Showers Leak

  1. Materials Failure – including fault in manufacture of materials and a limited life of product, e.g. waterproofing (10-20 years). Note that many of the materials previously used to build shower trays, and the adhesives popular in the 1970s, have been superseded by more appropriate formulations.
  2. Poor Workmanship – This is when the shower tray was not installed in accordance with correct procedures in compliance with AS3740.
  3. Lack of Water Stop in Shower – in some cases some builders take shortcuts by not installing a water stop barrier in hobless showers which causes the water to travel underneath the bed out to the doorway.
  4. Structural Movement – No matter how well a bathroom is waterproofed when being constructed or repaired, if there is building movement, the waterproofing membrane can crack causing it to leak.

Identifying Signs of Water Penetration

Water penetration can often be instantly apparent however in some cases the damage may not be immediately evident and may go undetected for several years.
Some of the symptoms of water penetration include:

• Stained walls and ceilings
• Bubbling paint
• Damp carpets
• Warped timber
• Mould/mildew
• A smell of decay.
water damage


Investigating The Most Likely Cause of a Leak

There are certain clues which can help determine the most likely cause of a leak. Please note, these are only clues and should not be viewed as foolproof indicators of the exact source of a leak, but rather useful rules-of-thumb. ALSS recommends every bathroom be tested by a licensed plumber to identify the cause of the leak this is to ensure that the correct repair is prescribed.

If it’s a Plumbing Leak
Either a burst pipe, or damaged tapware. Water penetration associated with leaking plumbing is more likely to be steady and continuous, regardless of whether a shower is in use. You may have leaking taps or leaking pipes that could be leaking into your wall cavity.

If it’s a Leaking Shower Tray
The membrane under the tiles has failed. Water penetration associated with a leaking shower tray is intermittent and most obvious when a shower is in use or immediately after a shower has been used. Signs of water penetration associated with a leaking shower tray are most often level with or below the shower floor.




1. The ALSS Super Seal – Industry First Lifetime Warranty

Breakthrough New Product! Leaking Showers Sealed Without Removing Tiles… For Life!

Did You Know That Over 95% of Leaking Showers Can Be Super Sealed, Saving You Time, Money and Stress!

ALSS has recently introduced a powerful new service with new advanced products to fix your leaking showers without removing tiles, guaranteed for life! We are very excited because we know that you will get real value for money for your clients.

This solution is ideal in 90% of leaking showers. This repair does not remove any tiles and is recommended when the wall and floor tiles are in good condition. The shower base must be solid and sound. The repair takes 2-4 hours, no dust, no mess, shower can be used again in 24 hours. And the best part, it comes with a Life Time Leak Free Warranty!

Over the past 18 months we have been working closely with our chemical engineers to develop a powerful new and improved formula, Chembond 5000™. Chembond 5000™ is injected into the grout and cement bed sealing the base permanently! Chembond 5000™ is a two part Super Epoxy solution that stops shower recesses and balconies from leaking without having to remove the tiles. Chembond 5000™ is a durable waterproofing impregnate which penetrates into the tissue of the grout lines and porous tiles, sealing them without making the surface slippery.

5 Reasons To Choose ALSS For Your Shower Repairs

  1. Lifetime Warranty
    ALSS are offering an Industry First Lifetime Warranty on repairing leaking showers for the Shower Super Seals. That’s right, SEALED FOR LIFE! We are the only company that offer an unlimited warranty. So give us a go… maybe it will be the best decision you make all year!

  2. Best Price Guarantee
    ALSS guarantee to provide you with the best value. We will beat any competitors written quote by 5% (quote needs to be apples for apples, and we need to cite the competitors quote).

  3. Best Service Guarantee
    We are so confident that our Shower Specialists are always on time, friendly and professional that we will take $200 off the job if you disagree. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  4. Fixed Right the First Time
    Save time, money and headache. ALSS offers you excellence in service and workmanship through our detailed attention to detail and our professional understanding of the bathroom industry. We guarantee that we will fix it right the first time… so it lasts a long time.

  5. Say bye-bye to Variations.
    With the new ALSS Super Seals you can say goodbye to variations forever! This is because we are sealing over the tiles using our new Super Seal Method and we are therefore able to foresee any possible cost at the time of quoting.

seal steps



10 year warranty2. Traditional Method – 10 Year Warranty

This method of removing tiles is suitable for the remaing 10% of showers that can’t be sealed without removing tiles because the condition of the shower tiles are poor (cracked, loose or drummy tiles). The ALSS Traditional Method complies with Australian Standard 3740 and is guaranteed to be repaired right the first time!


traditional ,ethod


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* Not every shower/balcony can be sealed. The wall and floor tiles must be in excellent condition, the floor must be on a concrete slab and there are to be no cracked, crazed, broken, loose or drummy tiles. There also must be a fall to the drain. Basically the area must be solid, sound and in good condition and not be undergoing structural movement. Only when the bathroom/balconies comply with the ALSS guidelines can they be sealed over the tiles. If there is failure in the product within the 3 years ALSS will credit the cost of sealing over the tiles (that has been already paid) from the tile removal works. If structural movement occurs, the warranty will be void.



Robert Fothergill - BCS
"Always excellent, prompt responses and friendly staff. Really there is no comparison as nobody else seems to offer the complete rebuild package, you do not just give a band-aid waterproofing solution as most companies seem to offer. Always very quick for quotes, arrange access yourself without the need of coming back to me and once the work order is given it seems that you are immediately in contact with the client on our behalf. I would recommend ALSS."

Ben Cabello - Bright & Duggan
"I use ALSS because I feel I am prioritized and I have a good relationship with them."

Liesel Biles - Net Strata
"I use ALSS due to the quality of work provided, customer service in dealing with jobs and our clients, getting the job done right the first time and the ALSS warranty."

Bob Harris – Strata Manager
“I have been using Australia’s Leading Shower Specialists for 7 years. I have found their service to be excellent, being prompt and efficient in dealing with the sealing and waterproofing of showers. I have found Elie persistent in gaining access to units and flexible in dealing with issues raised by owners. Elie works through the difficult issues. Elie communicates well with both owners and Strata Managers, he promptly rings owners to confirm booking times and keeps the Strata Manager informed of any problems during the works and of a successful completion. He has a great work ethic. I have no problems recommending Elie’s company to any Strata Manager.“

Paula Wood – LJ HOOKER, Flora St Sutherland
“We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your services. After recent repairs required to the above mentioned unit, we are delighted that the shower recess after your repairs is now in excellent working order. We would also note that your professional approach to our needs and requests were of the highest level of customer service. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of our clients. We wish to advise that ALSS have completed work on properties we manage. We found them to be very prompt and reliable at all times. The work was undertaken with professional care and the properties were left clean and tidy.”

Lydia Moles – Property Manager, Drummoyne
”We wish to advise that Australia’s Leading Shower Specialists Pty Ltd have completed work on properties we manage. We found them to be very prompt and reliable at all times. The work was undertaken with professional care and the properties were left clean and tidy.








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