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ALSS Bathrooms: Your Go-To Solution for Stress-Free Shower Leak Repair in Sydney

Stop Bathroom Leaks For Good!

Are you tired of dealing with bothersome shower leaks? ALSS Bathrooms is here to save the day! With our expert leak detection and shower repair services, you can bid farewell to water damage worries for good. Get a free quote today!

Leak Tests & Plumbing

Explore our bathroom leak detection services, providing detailed reports on leak causes and solutions. We also handle burst pipes, waste pipes, recess tee repairs, and blocked drains.
Learn more about leak tests here.

Stop Leaks NO Tile Removal

ALSS SuperSeal shower leak repair stops leaks without removing tiles, keeping your bathroom intact. It saves time and money, and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Discover ALSS SuperSeal.

Stop Leaks WITH Tile Removal

Experience the difference with our lasting shower retiling solution, meeting the highest Australian Standards AS3740.  Ideal for showers with loose, cracked, or fallen tiles, trust in our method for lasting results. Learn about our tiling methods.

Bathroom Renovations​

Transform your bathroom with ALSS renovations. Our experienced team brings your vision to life with exceptional designs and quality craftsmanship. Trust us for a dream bathroom. Learn more about Bathroom Renovations

Renos & Repairs Completed
% Callback Rate on Repairs
More Than 20 Years Experience
Powerful Guarantees

Have You Noticed These Signs of a Home Leak?

1. Missing grout and cracked tiles.

2. Walls with water damage like bubbling, peeling, or mould.
3. Wet floors outside your bathroom.
4. Damage to the ceiling below your shower.

Notice any of these signs? Don’t overlook them! They could signal a water leak. 

Contact ALSS Bathrooms now on 1300 556 775 to schedule a leak detection test and/or get a free quote

Let’s fix the issue and safeguard your home from further damage

Why Choose ALSS Bathrooms


Picture a seamless process where leak detection seamlessly transitions into expert shower leak repair, all with ALSS. Our streamlined approach ensures efficiency and peace of mind every step of the way.

Licensed Plumbers and Waterproofers

We hold full licensing and insurance, adhering to Safe Work Australia standards. Our license number, 127627C, reflects our commitment to compliance. Additionally, our Waterproof Tiling Method aligns with Australian Standards AS370.

Trust Our 25+ Years of Experience

With 25+ years of experience, we bring valuable expertise to every project. Our long history reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Leveraging this experience, we consistently deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Personalised Service Every Step of the Way

Our personalised experts carefully oversee your repair process. We dedicate ourselves to guiding all our customers, providing transparency at every step. Trust us to offer attentive support and transparent communication throughout your experience.

Accurate Detection, Swift Repair

Save money and avoid inconvenience with our leak detection service. By accurately pinpointing the issue from the start, we ensure the correct leak repair, preventing wasted expenses and the hassle of repeated repairs.

Positive Reputation

ALSS Bathrooms has built a solid reputation for excellence and reliability in the strata and real estate industry, earning the trust and confidence of countless satisfied customers over the years.


Our mission is clear: to set new standards in shower leak repair, delivering durability and peace of mind. Through innovation, excellence, and community commitment, we aim to exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction. We're dedicated to making every bathroom waterproof and every customer happy.


We envision setting new standards in bathroom leak repairs and renovations, blending innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Our goal is to create bathroom sanctuaries of comfort and durability, ensuring confidence and trust in every home we serve.


At ALSS Bathrooms, our vision is clear: revolutionise bathroom leak repair and renovations. We aim to be your trusted experts, prioritising top-quality work and customer satisfaction. Committed to innovation and environmental responsibility, we're here to make your life easier. Choose ALSS for bathroom and peace of mind.

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