3 Startling Mistakes To Avoid With Your Shower Repair!

leaky shower

Do You Have A Leaky Shower? 3 Big Mistakes You Must Avoid!

1. Make Sure You Diagnose The Source Of Your Shower Leak Before You Get It Repaired

When you notice any signs of a leaky shower such as wet carpet, paint bubbling on walls or ceilings, you should first engage a plumber to carry out a test of the pipes, taps and do a dye test to confirm if the membrane has failed. 

Learn Where The Leak Is Coming From

Your shower could be leaking from a pipe, taps, floor waste or waterproofing. You don’t want to repair the waterproofing to later find that the pipes were the issue.

Save Time & Money

Make sure this is diagnosed correctly before proceeding to repair your shower so you get the correct works done and save money .


2. Leaving Your Leaky Shower Repair Too Late

Your leaky shower can cost you an arm and a leg if left untreated over time. Your leak can get worse and worse and do a lot of damage to your home! Unfortunately, some of our customers leave it too long before they call and the only option left is for us to rebuild the shower recess completely.

Act Quick & Save!

However, you can avoid a complete shower rebuild if you act decisively when you discover a water leak or cracked tile in your shower.

Leaky Showers In Your Home Can Make You Sick!

It can lead to the development of mould on your walls or nearby ceilings. Aside from being an unpleasant thing to look at, mould can also pose a very significant health hazard to you and your family. 

Your walls can also have unsightly damage because of the shower leak. These walls may require replacement if the damage is significant  and your have left it untreated for a while.

leaky shower
To Fix Your Shower Gets More Costly As You Wait

Your leaky shower might also lead to tiles in your shower lifting or even falling off. If left unchecked, this can lead to further water damage and the problem will get more expensive to treat.

You May Have To Fix Your Neighbours Damage

If you live in a unit block, your leaky shower can also impact on your neighbours and can result in costly damage to their premises. That could leave you open to civil litigation.

 Structural Damage In Your Home

Worst of all, if your shower is allowed to leak for a prolonged period of time, it can cause immense structural damage. Water that is not able to escape can pool and soak into wood, causing wet rot. Left for long enough, rot can weaken wood in your home and lead to the collapse of it’s building or structure. Expensive!!!

leaky shower

3. Trying to Fix Your Leaky Shower Yourself 

Leaky showers create more warranty claims in Australia than any other defect in the home. However, if you are thinking of attempting to fix your leaky shower yourself, think again.

Whilst you may be thinking hiring a professional is expensive, trying to repair it yourself will cost you significantly more.

Don’t be misled into thinking that fixing your shower leak will be cheaper

There are so many benefits to leaving it to the professionals, especially if you want the most successful and efficient outcome. And there are several ways to fix a leaky shower and a professional can provide you with the most cost-effective option for your situation.

We Know The Correct Repair to Do

At ALSS Bathrooms we have developed a comprehensive half-day fix that will waterproof your leaking shower with a guarantee of a lifetime of the shower. Now that’s impressive! It’s a method of waterproofing without messy tile removal.

Save Time

If you’re dealing with cracked or loose tiles you may be looking at a weeks turnaround – which is nothing in comparison to the time that will be spent if you are attempting to do it yourself. 

Water Damage In Your Home Is A Serious Issue

The structure of your home can be compromised and mould issues can be a real problem on the aesthetics of your home but more importantly the health of you and your family.

At ALSS Bathrooms we have been replacing and repairing bathrooms for over 20 years and we have repaired more than 26,750 showers, so it’s safe to say you won’t have to worry about it again when one of our trade experts fixes your leaky shower.