Interesting: What You Need To Know About Shower Repairs Sydney!

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What You MUST Know About Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney. This Could Save You Thousands!!!

Leaking Shower Repairs, Sydney Be Aware – If not done properly and quick, it can be vey costly and damaging. So if you think your shower is showing signs of a leak then you need to investigate and get the root of the problem. This article is designed to help you identify and rectify problems with your shower.

2 Most Common Areas Where Shower Leaks Are Found

leaking shower repairs Sydney

There are 5 main areas where leaks can occur in a shower and each has a different cause and solution.

We will observe each area and show what happens behind the problems and what can be done to fix the situation. Some are completely obvious but others will not be.

The following diagram has the problem areas highlighted, 1 being the most common. This order is based on years of experience in the industry and having to deal with customers looking for solutions to their leaking shower.

  1.  Joint Where Wall & Floor Meet in Shower
  2.  Cracked Tiles on Wall & Floor of Shower

ALSS Bathrooms Can Help You Determine The Cause Of Your Leak & Find A Solution. Leaking Shower Repairs, Sydney.

leaking shower repairs Sydney

1. Joint Where Wall and Floor Meet

The tile joint between the shower floor and the walls are the most common area where leaks occur. But there can be several reasons why the shower leaks at this point.

Faulty Sealant

Sealant that is not applied correctly can be a real reason why showers leak. If good quality silicone is applied, this will form a strong bond of the tiles to the wall/floor. Cheap sealant however, has poorer adhesion strength which will cause it to crack and come away and allow water to get behind it.

Also, If you can see mould in the sealant, this is a clear indication that you have a problem and it needs repairing straight away (see our article dangers of mould).

Poor preparation will also cause silicone to fail. The shower needs to be completely dry. ALSS will ensure you keep your shower dry 24 hours before and after. We have learnt through experience, the more attention you pay to the preparation the longer the sealant will last.

Shower Movement

If there is movement and the shower moves slightly it can have two affects that cause problems: it will pull silicone sealant away from the surface; it will cause cracks in the grout of the bottom row of tiles.


Call ALSS Bathroom to assess your shower to see if a shower seal is appropriate and provide you with a free quote. For more information visit our shower repair page.

leaking shower repairs Sydney

2. Cracked Tiles On Walls & Floor 

Surprisingly,  a leaking shower can caused by the actual tiles in the shower. You would think they would be waterproofed properly, but this is not always the case. Quite simply the grout has not been applied to Australian Standards and has started to deteriorate.

For the most part, the main reason why cracked tiles in a bathroom are a problem, is because water can seep into the cracks, reduce the lifespan of the in-built waterproofing system, and eventually penetrate the subfloor. Thus, causing moisture damage in parts of the home where water should not go.

Why Tiles Crack:
  • Not Properly Fixed
  • Low Quality TiIles
  • Sharp blow on tiles
  • Wring type of adhesive used
  • Water lodged behind the shower wall
  • Big spaces between the floor joints
Why is Cracking a Problem?

It’s important to act fast once you notice cracks on your shower wall as this will protect your tiles and shower from further damage. Here are some reasons why cracking can quickly become a problem:

  • Shower wall tile cracks can create openings that lead to water leaks, which could lead to different types of damage to your shower. 
  • Those same water leaks can cause structural damage. This can be quite costly to repair. 
  • Tile cracks of any kind might be a sign of foundation trouble, and so it should be taken seriously. 
  • Mould can grow within the broken tile once water has seeped in and make you sick.

Once you have noticed a crack/s in the shower tiles, the best thing to do is to act immediately. Call in an expert to saves time, energy and also guarantee the repair. When hiring an expert, you should look for one who is properly certified and has good experience with repairing shower wall tiles. ALSS Bathrooms is fully certified and all work is to Australian Standards AS3740.