Stop Shower Leaks Without Removing Tiles

Sealing A Leaking Shower Without Removing Tiles

Sealing a leaking shower has never been more easy – quick, effective and low-cost! 

What Is Our Super Seal Exactly?​

Comes With an Unmatchable Industry First LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Amazing Lifetime Warranty on Super Seals

So you can be sure that your shower will be fixed the right way, we give you an Industry First Lifetime Warranty on Super Seals.

Best Price Guarantee

Your time and money are precious. So, to make it easy for you, and so you don’t need to waste time shopping around, we simply Guarantee you the best price in Sydney. In fact, we’ll beat any competitors written quote by 5%!

When Can You Seal A Shower?

When your leaking showers wall and floor tiles are in good condition and there is a fall towards the drain. This will save you thousands of dollars if the shower can be sealed because it fits the criteria for it to be sealed.

How Long Does Repair Take?

Your shower seal repair is completed within only 2-4 hours and your shower can be used the following day. Amazing! This will save you days without being able to use your shower (when the tiles need to be removed).

ALSS Super Seal is the Fastest, Most Cost-Effective Repair with the Best Industry Leading Warranty

Scope includes:

  • Manually remove the grout joints to the perimeter of the shower base using a special diamond-tipped tool.
  • Manually remove grout from 1st-row vertical grout joints of the internal wall to wall joints. Manually remove grout between tile joints on the inside and top of hob.
  • Cut out floor grout joints of shower recess and around the perimeter of waste or grate.
  • Inject our famous ALSS Chembond 3000™ Super Sealant (an epoxy-based sealant) into the wall to wall junctions, the bottom row of tiles grout lines, shower floor perimeter, and hob grout lines in a suitable colour to suit the existing grout. This sealant when set will become impenetrable.
  • Our technician will determine if walls need re-grouting.
    If so; we will manually rake out grout to the walls and re-grout walls with a waterproof grout additive if required. If the wall grout is deemed to be in good condition ALSS will apply a clear sealer into the existing wall grout (not applicable to butt-jointed tiles or cement grout).
  • Remove the taps (cover plate) and inject a silicone seal around tap spindles to prevent water from traveling behind the wall tiles.
  • Inject ALSS Chembond 3000™ Super Sealant (epoxy-based sealant) into the shower floor grout joints and around waste or grate, provided the tiles are over 100mm² in size.
  • Remove floor waste grate where possible, and apply ALSS Chembond 3000™ Super Sealant to the inside of waste where needed.
  • Remove and replace silicone to shower screen if required.

Before & After Shower Seals

leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me

Completed Shower Seals

leaking shower repair near me
leaking shower repair near me
Always helpful, professional tradesmen.
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Staff are always prompt to respond. Trying to assist, find relevant information.
Body Corporate Strata
Always recommend your service as I know that the standard is maintained and guaranteed. Always good communications when dealing with ALSS. The job gets done and no issues regarding quality of the work. Always punctual and if you have a problem with access from the client you always advsie us.
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I would recommend as we have received quotes promptly and reasonable priced and jobs have been well done. Easy to deal with and well priced. Jobs are well done.
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Very informed and friendly. We don’t need to chase up ALSS once a work order has been issued, the lines of communication are excellent.
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Service is good and satisfactory.
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Yes definitely, Strata Managers are already really busy so the more efficient the contractors the easier our job.
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Very helpful and easy to deal with.
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Professionalism of service by admin and guys actually doing the work. Professionalism of service by admin and guys actually doing the work. Because I need a contractor that I know and trust will get the job done right first time, every time. Invoices are clear and detailed which is great for us as we can advise our owners on the exact work carried out.
Anthony Montibeler
Premier Strata
the follow up is great it is part of your business which in the world of a strata manager allows us to focus on the problem and not have to chase the work order or quote request. Good communication fair pricing marketing campaign ALSS is always in your face and you remember them this is a good thing.
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Generally very good professional service.
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Always helpful, professional tradesmen.
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Efficient and reliable. The quality of repairs, provision of great customer service for our owners and are an example of professional providers in the Strata Industry.
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Reliable and honest.
Bright & Duggan
Easy to get in contact with and arrange repairs and quotes.
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Reliable and honour your warranties. Anita Dalag – Service is good and satisfactory.
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Very professional in all their dealings.
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Very helpful and informative.
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Because ALSS is thorough with their service and with a price you cannot compete with. your staff are welcoming and well trained in their industry. Invoice are perfect with detail and who to invoice it to as well in regards to invoices for Strata complexes.
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Very Quick and Efficient.
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Fast Service!
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ALSS has good reputation. You perform the job once and do it well.
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Always a pleasure to deal well. A good reliable company, with many years of experience. I choose ALSS because I like to deal with companies I know, that can do the job. Your team are the most professional, of the shower repair companies.
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Kate Munro
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