Unlocking Precision:

Leaking Recess Tee Replacements

At ALSS Bathrooms, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, and nothing exemplifies this more than our recent plumbing triumph captured in our exclusive video feature. Join us behind the scenes as we delve into the intricate process of replacing a leaking recess tee – a common challenge in the world of plumbing that demands surgical precision.

🔍 The Challenge:
Leaking Recess Tee

In the heart of our latest project was a leaking recess tee, a troublesome issue that required swift and accurate intervention. Unlike a routine moisture meter test that merely signals the presence of a leak without pinpointing its origin, our meticulous approach involves uncovering the root cause.

🛠️ Our Solution:
Precision Plumbing Replacement

1. Strategic Cutting:

Our skilled plumbers expertly cut out the recess tee, providing unhindered access to the core of the problem.

2. Precautionary Pipework Replacement:

To ensure a leak-free future, we replaced the pipework with precision and care.

3. Efficiency Upgrade:

The installation of a new reducer not only resolved the immediate issue but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the plumbing system.

4. Rigorous Testing:

Our comprehensive leak tests left no room for doubt, ensuring that every potential leak point was thoroughly examined.

🔧 Why Choose ALSS Bathrooms?


Detailed Diagnoses: 

Our tests reveal the intricacies of a leak, going beyond standard moisture meters.
Tailored Solutions: Every repair is customised to address the specific issue, ensuring a comprehensive fix.

Preventive Measures: 

We don’t just fix leaks; we take precautionary steps to prevent future plumbing headaches.

The ALSS Advantage: 

Precision Beyond Ordinary Tests While a typical moisture meter might alert you to the presence of a leak, it falls short when it comes to revealing the specifics. At ALSS Bathrooms, our approach goes beyond detection – we uncover the what, why, and how, providing you with a complete understanding of your plumbing challenges.

Ready to Experience Precision Plumbing? 

Don’t settle for guesswork; choose precision. Watch our video, explore our approach, and discover why ALSS Bathrooms is the name synonymous with accuracy in plumbing solutions.


🎥 Watch the Video 

Embark on a visual journey through our meticulous process. Witness firsthand how we tackle the complexities of leaking recess tees, going beyond the surface to provide lasting solutions.

At ALSS Bathrooms, we turn every plumbing challenge into an opportunity for excellence. Join us on this plumbing journey, where precision meets perfection.