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Did you know that cracked wall and floor grout in a shower could cause it to LEAK!

It is important to do a shower repair (ALSS SuperSeal) as unsightly grout can make or break the look of your shower/bath. Seeing grout crack is a clear sign that it may be time to have an expert waterproof your shower.

It’s not just unsightly, it’s also a sign that your shower or bath walls could be exposed to moisture, which in turn could cause serious damage to your clients homes. Let’s explain what makes this happen and how you can avoid it.

Why Is My Shower Grout Cracking?

There are several possible reasons why your grout may be cracking. It may be that the shower/bath was not prepared properly from the very start. This can occur when trying to do a shower repair yourself, or by using unprofessional tradespeople.

Adhesive Applied Too Thin
So your grout can stay in place, you need to use the correct adhesive in the right amounts. If not, your shower grout will start to crack over time.

Water Under The Tiles
This can occur if the shower was sealed by an untrained, whilst still wet. Or it could occur if you notice a hole in your grout – water can travel through the hole and under your tiles. A sure sign is wet grout when the shower area is mostly dry. This means that you have water under the tile.

Too Much Water Used
Thin grout means runny, weak grout and tiny air pockets. With constant warmth in the air, these air pockets crack and shatter over time. This can lead to flaky grout. Re-grouting your shower may be the only way to fix it.

Movement in Tiles
When the temperature in the air changes, your grout will expand. When grout dries or gets cold, the grout will shrink. This happens on microscopic levels. If this happens enough, it will eventually cause your tile grout to crack and chip. Choosing a flexible grout type is the only way to partially prevent this.

What Is The Solution?

Luckily there is a solution for when your shower/bath grout is starting to come away and crack. You can seal the tiles with the help of an expert shower repair company.

Shower grout repair or sealing a shower/bath is a process of removing the old tile grout and installing new grout around the tiles. It’s a very effective process when you use a professional who has the skill and special equipment to execute the repair.

By doing a shower/bath seal, you can breath new life into your bathroom and prevent leaks and consequent damage to your home.

Sealing showers/baths is only effective if the company you hired are experts in the industry.ALSS Bathrooms is a company you can trust for the best shower/bath sealing services within the Sydney metro.

Our service is value-based and professionally driven, so you can rest assured that your tile grout will look brand new after we complete our repair.

ALSS can seal your leaking shower/bath with no need to replace tiles.

Don’t let cracked grout damage your tiles any longer!  Contact ALSS Bathrooms today and let us take care of your shower/bath sealing needs. 
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