ALSS Bathrooms

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Types of Repair Include: Super Seal, Traditional Method and Full Rebuild. 


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Shower Super Seal Repair

Seal a Leaking Shower WITHOUT Removing Tiles.

Comes With an Unmatchable Industry First LIFETIME WARRANTY!

The ALSS Super Shower Seal Repair is ideal when the leaking shower’s wall and floor tiles are in good condition and there is a fall towards the drain. This repair is completed within 2-4 hours and can be used the following day. It’s the fastest, most cost effective repair with the best warranty, however can only be carried out when the tiles are in good condition. 


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ALSS Traditional Method Shower Repair

Comes with a Comprehensive 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

The ALSS Traditional Method Shower Repair is required when the tiles are cracked or loose around the bottom row only and or the floor, and the shower is leaking due to the failure of the waterproofing, causing water damage to the building.

Full Rebuild Shower Repair

Comes with a Comprehensive 10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Replace entire walls and floor inside shower to waterproof entire shower.​

The ALSS Full Rebuild is required when the shower wall tiles are cracked/loose and the base of the shower is also in poor condition. In this case we would recommend that the entire shower – both walls and floor tiles be replaced and waterproofed.  

Our Full Rebuilds are broken down into strata and owners costs in strata buildings. Internal and external walls will be identified and separated in our quotes.