Shower Repairs

So your shower is leaking... At ALSS we can stop that pestering leak by diagnosing the best solution to put an end to the damage and leave your shower looking brand new again!

Repairing a leaking shower right the first time is important because the last thing you need is for it to leak again as this will cause more subsequent damage.

There are 2 methods for repairing leaking showers. We will assist you in determining what the best method is for your shower depending on the condition of your shower.

The first method is called the ALSS Super Seal. This is where the shower is sealed without tiles removed and comes with an industry first lifetime waranty. ALSS has recently introduced a powerful new service with new advanced products to fix your leaking showers without removing tiles, guaranteed for life! We are very excited because we know that you will get real value for money for your clients. This solution is ideal in 90% of leaking showers. This repair does not remove any tiles and is recommended when the wall and floor tiles are in good condition. The shower base must be solid and sound. The repair takes 2-4 hours, no dust, no mess, shower can be used again in 24 hours. And the best part, it comes with a Life Time Leak Free Warranty!

The second type of repair is called the ALSS Traditional Method. This is when the tiles need to be removed, the shower re-waterproofed and retiled. This shower repair comes with a 10 year warranty* This method of removing tiles is suitable for the remaing 10% of showers that can’t be sealed without removing tiles because the condition of the shower tiles are poor (cracked, loose or drummy tiles). The ALSS Traditional Method complies with Australian Standard 3740 and is guaranteed to be repaired right the first time!

Identifying Signs of Water Penetration Water penetration can often be instantly apparent however in some cases the damage may not be immediately evident and may go undetected for several years. Some of the symptoms of water penetration include: stained walls and ceilings, bubbling paint, damp carpets, warped timber, mould/mildew, smell of decay.