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Your failed shower waterproofing or bath leak can cause extensive water damage to walls, floors, ceilings, carpets, bricks, plaster, wood. Not to mention the hidden mould and mildew it creates that can turn your house into a toxic environment making you and your family sick. The best solution is to get your leaking shower repaired quickly so it can’t cause any more damage, so you don’t have to think about it anymore.


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To help you with your shower waterproofing quickly, easily and for the best price in Sydney, we created the ALSS Easy Leaking Shower Repair Solution. Simply call us or fill in the form below and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Plus, we’ll get it fixed the right way the first time, so it lasts a long time. Oh yes, there are many companies out there that want to slap a quick fix on… only to cost you a fortune in the future.

Types of Leaking Shower Repairs and Bathroom Waterproofing Repairs:


ALSS Shower Super Seal Repair – Seal a Leaking Shower WITHOUT Removing Tiles.

ALSS Traditional Method Shower Repair – Stop leaking shower where tiles are cracked or loose around the bottom row only and or the floor, by replacing the shower base making it water tight.

ALSS Full Rebuild Shower Repair – Replace entire walls and floor inside shower to waterproof entire shower.

ALSS Super Seal Bath – Seal a leaking bath without removing the bath or tiles.

ALSS Traditional Method Bath Replacement – The replacement of a leaking bath and its first row of tiles to stop it leaking.

ALSS Full Rebuild Bath Replacement – The bath needs to be removed and all wall tiles around the bath replaced, waterproofed and reinstalled.

ALSS Super Seal Bathroom Floor – Seal the entire bathroom floor without removing tiles.

Traditional Method Bathroom Floor Replacement – The entire bathroom floor needs to be replaced and waterproofed.

Shower Screens – ALSS supplies and installs new custom built shower screens.


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