Expert Bathrooms Plumbing Repairs

At ALSS Bathrooms, we understand the importance of a smoothly functioning bathroom. Our expert plumbing team is here to address all your bathroom plumbing repair needs promptly and efficiently while adhering to Australian Standards AS3740.

Our Plumbing Solutions

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General Burst Pipes

Experience the convenience and expertise of ALSS Bathrooms’ plumbers in Sydney for repairing burst pipes in your showers and baths. Additionally, our skilled professionals are ready to tackle any burst pipe emergency efficiently.

Whether it’s a sudden pipe rupture or a slow-developing leak turned major, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, our plumbers use advanced techniques and top-notch materials to restore your shower or bath to its best condition.

With ALSS Bathrooms, you can trust in precision and care for your burst pipe, ensuring long-lasting results. Don’t let burst pipes disrupt your routine—reach out today for reliable and swift burst pipe repair services.

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Recess Tee In Showers & Baths​

Introducing ALSS Bathrooms’ new Recess Tee Repair service! Moreover, we’ve made it easy to fix those annoying leaks and drips in your shower or bath caused by faulty recess tees. Additionally, our experienced plumbers use advanced tools and techniques to provide efficient and effective repairs.

Say goodbye to water damage and hello to long-lasting results! Don’t let a malfunctioning recess tee disrupt your bathing experience. Trust ALSS Bathrooms for reliable repairs that bring back functionality and prevent future issues.

Furthermore, our dedicated team is committed to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today and experience the difference with our recess tee repair service.

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Blocked Drains

Is a blocked drain causing problems in your showers and baths? Worry not, because ALSS Bathrooms is here to help. Our skilled Sydney plumbers now provide expert blocked drain repairs, ensuring smooth water flow and a hassle-free experience. Moreover, with years of experience and top-notch equipment, our team can swiftly spot and clear blockages caused by debris, hair, or other substances.

We employ advanced techniques; for instance, high-pressure water jetting, to eliminate stubborn clogs and bring back efficient drainage. Say goodbye to standing water and slow draining. So, count on ALSS Bathrooms for dependable blocked drain repairs, and regain uninterrupted shower and bath experiences.

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Waste Pipe Replacement or Repair

Sometimes, ceiling damage can result from a water leak due to a cracked waste pipe. In such cases, it’s essential to replace or repair the damaged pipe. When such issues arise, the only effective solution is to remove the shower floor and create an opening in the ceiling below to access and repair/replace the waste pipe. What sets us apart is our all-in-one approach – we not only expertly repair/replace the waste pipe, but also offer a waterproofing and retiling solution (ALSS Traditional Method) for your shower which was demolished.

Our holistic service saves you from the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors, making the repair process efficient and headache-free. 

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Hot Water Services​

Get Quick, Affordable Hot Water Solutions from ALSS Bathrooms in Sydney Today!​

At ALSS Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality hot water installation and repair services. Our expert team is ready to assist with all your hot water system needs, whether you’re a homeowner or run a business.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

1. Competitive prices: Our services are designed to suit your budget.
2. Top-tier brands: We offer the best brands in the industry for hot water units.
3. Impressive star ratings and gas efficiency: You can trust in our products for peace of mind.
4. Significant savings: Enjoy savings on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
5. Swift response times: We’re known for our fast service; we even handle emergencies on the same day.
6. Expert installation: Our skilled plumbers in Sydney can handle installations, whether inside or outside your property.

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Taps & Toilets

Plumbing plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of taps and toilets in your home. Firstly, it’s important to regularly check for any leaks or drips from taps, as these can waste water and increase your water bills. If you notice such issues, calling in ALSS’ plumbers in Sydney can help you identify and fix the problem promptly. Moreover, our plumbers can assist with clogged toilets, a common annoyance for homeowners. 

ALSS have the tools and expertise to efficiently clear blockages and ensure your toilet flushes smoothly. In summary, when it comes to taps and toilets, plumbing services are your best friend in keeping everything running smoothly, saving water, and preventing costly damage. So, if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our qualified plumbers for assistance.

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Trade Waste & Backflow Prevention​

At ALSS Bathrooms, we’re certified experts in backflow prevention. We offer a range of services all over Sydney to keep your drinking water clean and safe. Here’s what we do:

1. Testing: Firstly, we conduct yearly check-ups on backflow prevention devices in commercial buildings, as required by the law. We’ll make sure you stay compliant and safe.

2. Installation: Moreover, we quickly and affordably set up reduced pressure zone devices (RPZD). These devices are essential to keep harmful substances from getting into your water supply in commercial buildings.

3. Maintenance: In addition, property owners must keep their backflow prevention devices in good shape. Our pros take care of this by inspecting o-rings, cleaning gates, and cassettes. With our maintenance services, your water stays clean, and you stay worry-free.