Blame It On The Rain!

Did You Know That Constant, Heavy Rain Can Cause Your Shower To Leak?​

how to stop a leaky shower

Approximately 9 in 10 showers built into a stud wall are going to leak. This is because a gap forms between the tiled wall and the shower floor. Any movement in the building can cause this issue. Buildings can move due to many reasons, with the most common ones being changes in moisture levels and temperatures. In Australia, especially at the moment, the extreme weather conditions of heavy rain can really wreck havoc on your home. 

We are finding now more than ever, the constant heavy rain has really tested the structure of our homes, whether it be freestanding or a unit. The high moisture levels cause the house to move, thus the waterproof in the shower will start to crack, allowing water to leak through and  cause a leaking shower.

So even a well waterproofed shower that was only repaired recently, may start to leak again due to all the rain we have been having.

Shower Leak Warning Signs

If left untreated, a water leak in your bathroom can cost you, especially if it leads to serious water damage to walls, flooring and paint. Look for these somewhat subtle signs to determine whether you need us to fix the leak before things get worse:

1. Musty Smells

If you can smell a mustiness from your bathroom this can be a sign of mould and rotting which could be from your leaking shower. Mould and mildew thrive in bathrooms, especially ones with poor ventilation. Not only is this bad for your health but mould spores also actually destroy materials in your bathroom such as wood. This is what gives off that terrible smell.

how to stop a leaky shower

2. Peeling Or Bubbling Paint

When moisture from a shower leak gets in between the wall and paint it destroys the bond between which causes the paint to bubble from the wall and peel. It can also damage bathroom ceilings which can look unattractive, but can also worsen over time and cause serious structural issues.

Resist the urge for a quick fix by painting over the problem area. Identifying the root of the problem with a shower repair will be more cost-effective in the long run.

how to stop a leaky shower

3. Cracked Or Loose Tiles

If you notice that your tiles are moving beneath your feet, it’s time to act fast! 

You can check if your shower tiles suffer from this by giving them a light tap. If the tile sounds hollow when you tap it, it’s likely that water has seeped underneath it and the adhesive has broken down. When tapping the tile, look for subtle movements as well as this is a sign that there’s a moisture problem in your shower. Chipped or cracked shower tiles are also an indicator that your shower tiles are water-damaged.

how to stop a leaky shower

4. Discoloured or Missing Grout

Loose or missing grout within your shower should always be sealed as soon as possible as this allows water to penetrate behind the tile to the waterproof membrane underneath.

Discoloured grout is not only an eyesore but a sure sign you have a leaking shower. Left untreated for a long period it can lead to structural damage which will end up costing you more to fix. The condition and colour of the grout in your shower is one of the biggest signs you have a leaking shower needing repair and reveal how well the shower is functioning.

how to stop a leaky shower

5. Bathroom Or Shower Door Jamming

When a door is jamming or not closing properly, this is a sign that your shower is leaking.

A quick repair to a leaking shower can have several benefits including the proper functioning of bathroom and shower doors.

6. Ceiling Below Bathroom Is Damp Or Has Water Marks

Does water leak downstairs when someone showers upstairs? Do you notice wet spots or water stains on the ceiling directly below the bathroom? You may have a leak from the upstairs bathroom. 

A small shower leak cause cause a lot of damage! Water will ruin the drywall and could lead to wood rot and costly structural damage. Mould may grow and put your family at risk and are you sick. If you want to keep your home safe, you need to repair the problem right away with a shower repair.

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How To Stop A Leaky Shower?

Our ALSS technicians use a combination of exclusive tools, products, and procedures to target and stop leakage points in your shower.

Let us protect you from shower leak damage! Contact ALSS for more information on our shower repair services.

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