Why Can Variations Occur On Your Shower Repair?

Leaking Shower Waterproofing Repair

Additional work is unforeseeable; it is sometimes essential for your leaking shower waterproofing repair.

Leaking Shower Waterproofing Repair

Until we remove the tiles on your shower floor, we do not know what is underneath. Once we remove your shower tiles, we can see exactly what is going on, and what we need to do to stop your shower from leaking.

Sometimes there is quite extensive damage to your shower floor and we need to charge a variation on your leaking shower waterproofing repair quote. This is an extra cost as we need to do additional work to repair the substrate to ensure that your shower stops leaking once and for all. 

Why Do We Not Include Variation Costs in Our Initial Quotes?

In our quotes, we do not include the replacement of damaged substrates to keep costs down. We do not know to what extent the damage is, or even if there is even any damage at all!

At ALSS Bathrooms we always do our work right the first time to last a lifetime. All our repairs are done thoroughly, in strict compliance with manufacturers instructions and Australian Standards AS 3740.

What Happens If Your Repair Relates to a Strata Repair?

If your work is strata-related, our team will take quality photos of the damage which we will share with all relevant parties with a detailed report. We will also call the strata manager involved and explain the reasons for the variation. We will not commence work until we have written approval from the strata manager. Once approved, we will commence as soon as possible to prevent a delay in your shower repair.

Some examples of when a variation would apply in your repair:

  • Your shower walls need to be rendered. This occurs mostly if your shower tiles are loose and/or falling off.

  • Shower walls need to be re-sheeted as they are rotted and unstable.

  • The floor in your shower needs to be re-sheeted if the existing floor has rotted and become weak.

  • The walls and floor in your shower may need to be ultra-bonded when the existing membrane cannot be removed, and the new membrane will not adhere to the old membrane.

  • Levelling may be required on your shower floor if your showers concrete slab has no slope to the drain. This is essential to create drainage and stop your shower from pooling and as a result, leaking.

For a full listing of the types of repairs we do, please click here.
Example stages of repair for a deteriorated shower substrate where variations are required:
Leaking Shower Waterproofing Repair