Important: COVID-19 Update – We Are Still Safely In Business!

Did You Know That A Shower Waterproofing Repair (Leaking Shower) Is An Essential Service?

– So it’s business as usual for ALSS.

ALSS have processes in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners. 

As we have restrictions due to Covid currently in place, we have seen an increase in more jobs.  This is because more people are at home, they are noticing and reporting issues such as bubbling paint, damp carpets etc that are caused from the failure of waterproofing in their showers. This has created a huge influx in our work load, and we are working around the clock to promptly address each and every job that comes through.

ALSS Safety Plan

ALSS have a COVID Safety Plan in place that will allow us to manage the increased calls for leak issues by taking advantage of the digital tools we have available to us in everyday life. 

The ALSS Zero-Touch Quote Assessment

  • One-on-one video assessment with our experienced and licensed Operations Manager. 
  • During the video assessment with the occupant, we will visually identify what the issue is with the leaking shower and work out the best repair method to fix it.  
  • A quote will then be sent to our clients by email with all supporting information for the landlord, owner or committee’s consideration.

How to book the ALSS Zero-Touch Quote Assessment:

Call: 1300 556 775
Email: solutions@alss.com.au

COVID-19 Safe Plan At Your Home

  • Our entire team has been vaccinated. 
  • We will wear a mask at your premises (we also expect the tenant to wear a mask when our trades people are in your home) 
  • We will maintain 1.5m distance wherever possible.
  • Our technicians will wash their hands or use sanitiser often.
  • Jobs will be placed on hold when either our staff or customers are unwell – until Covid 19 test has been completed and results return negative. We will not visit clients’ homes even if we have mild symptoms.
  • Before attending your home, we will ask if there is anyone in your house with any cold or flu symptoms or anyone who is in home-isolation. If there is, we will reschedule your visit until the home isolation period has finished or for several days after symptoms have resolved.
  • We provide all our staff with training and advice in relation to personal hygiene, updated infection control practices and the adherence to COVID-19 control requirements. We will continually review the existing levels of supervision to provide and monitor this advice.
  • Maintain a record of all customer home visits to assist with contact tracing.

For more information visit https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19